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How do I place an order?

Browse our complete rental collections online, and contact us at 04-4331528 / 0557677999 or email us at with the specific items you like, quantities needed, the event dates, times and venue information. We’ll then send you a rental hold with the itemized pricing, trucking costs and availability for your event dates.

Can I view your products in a showroom?

We have a showroom in our Dubai office with a selection of our most popular items. Please contact us at 04-4331528 or to set up an appointment to visit us. Our showroom is open by appointment only Saturday to Thursday 9:30am to 7:30pm

Do you have a printed catalogue?

We do have a printed catalog that showcases the same products as on our website. Send us an email requesting for the brochure with your address and we’ll have one sent to you right away

Can you design our event space for us?

While we don’t offer complete design services, we can work with you or your event producer to advise on the best items for your event space. We do recommend looking through our site and selecting items that you prefer in advance so that we can make suggestions based on your event details (venue, aesthetic, theme).

Do I need to put down a security deposit?

A security deposit is not required. Payment is due in full via cheque or cash 48 hours prior to delivery. Please note that if you pay by cheque, we may require your credit card information in the event of damages during your rental. In addition, all clients are required to sign our Terms of Rental. (Download Our Terms of Rental form)

How do I pay?

Clients can pay via cheque, cash, or wire transfer. Payment is due in full 48 hours before any rentals are delivered. (Download Our Terms of Rental Form)

What if I don’t want all the items on delivery? Is there a restocking fee?

There are no refunds offered on items returned due to a change of plans on-site or if items do not fit through any doors/hallways/elevators etc. Clients are solely responsible for making sure items fit in their event venue as planned.

What happens if something is damaged at my event?

If an item is damaged, we will try to clean or repair the item at no charge to the client. However, any losses, damages, major cleaning or repair charges beyond that will be invoiced and charged to the client’s client.

Does Mint Event Rentals offer delivery & pickup services?

Mint Event Rentals has a fleet of trucks operating from our locations in Dubai. Our incredible trucking team will deliver & pickup 24/7, 365 days a year.
*Note: Mint Event’s round-trip trucking is an additional cost to any rentals. Trucking cost is determined based on the delivery & pickup dates, times, and venue location.

Does Mint Event Rentals deliver throughout the UAE?

Yes, our facility in Dubai offers round trip trucking to locations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah & Fujairah.

Can we hire items on a dry hire basis?

If you want to pick up the goods from our warehouses, a security deposit is required that differs from order to order. In most cases our clients prefer leaving transportation to our incredible set up crew to avoid damages.

Do I need to be at the event location when you deliver or pick-up the items?

Yes, a client or representative must be present for both the delivery and pick-up of rental items. Clients must provide an onsite contact with cell phone number for the order – this person is responsible for receiving and releasing the items, and signing that all items were received and returned in good condition or signing the damage note if applicable on pick up of goods.

Do you deliver and pick-up during off-peak hours?

We deliver & pickup 24/7, 365 days a year. Round-trip trucking is in addition to the rental cost and is determined based on the delivery and pickup dates, times and venue.

Does the trucking cost include set-up onsite?

Our trucking cost includes delivery of the items to your event venue, placement in your specific event area and pickup at the end of your event. Our crew will unwrap items upon delivery and rewrap them at load-out.

Am I responsible for any furniture assembly?

Most of our furniture arrives assembled. Our drivers will unwrap and place all items inside the venue, however they do not do any decorative touches/placements/final prep movements etc.


H: 95cm x W: 85cm x L: 180cm

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